Who am i?

My name’s Bob Lewis , I used to have a disturbingly large collection of old video games ..although these days I just have  medium size collection of games and a large credit card bill.

Over the course of my life  I’ve been a DJ,Bouncer,Accordion player,Photographer,Protestor,Door to door salesman,Tech support monkey, Hand model and a lead singer with a Dublin band.Admittedly some of those jobs lasted a day or less (or in the case of the band , the evening it took them to sober up)

These days I’m a husband ,dad to two lovely kids and manservant to  2 cats .I’m a Deskside support engineer, part time Computer Science student at D.I.T. and occasional developer (which hopefully I’ll get to do more of soon).I post video’s usually about retro gaming at https://www.youtube.com/user/luasdublin/

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